Self Employed/Contractors

When self-employed registrants are entering employment records there are some special considerations.  First, confirm you are considered a self-employed/contractor Physiotherapist. If so, you will need to submit a request for a new 'facility' through your online member portal under "my businesses".   The term facility is used in our system for any private practice employer (including self-employed/contractors), so this is valid even if there is no brick and mortar 'facility', or if contract work is done for the public sector. 

There is an annual facility renewal fee ($100 for one employee $200 for 2+ employees) that is billed in August.

When filling out the online form enter the name of your business or 'Self Employed - First name Last name'.

NOTE: You will need to enter an address.  If your business does not have a physical address (ie working out of a home office, but not seeing patients there) you may enter your primary contracted office information or the NSCP address - PO Box 5082, Waverley, NS B2R 1S2.

When you update your employment records you will select your facility and any other employers that you contract for.  Be sure to identify your business as your primary employer if you are primarily contracting.

To set up your 'facility' Navigate to My Facilities:

My Facilities from Dash


Select Register New Facility:

Facilities screenshot


Fill out pop up form with the information required and submit.