New Restrictions Announced - April 22, 2021

Posted April 23, 2021 1:30pm

Updated April 23, 2021 4:40pm

On April 22, 2021 the provincial government announced new restrictions for the HRM and surrounding areas in response to the increasing numbers in COVID cases.  It is important for all Nova Scotians to be aware of, and adhere to, all public health orders and restrictions.  Up to date information can be found at  

The changes to restrictions do not impact current physiotherapy services.  Private clinics may continue to operate under the current protocols in place.  These protocols can be found at  Any services provided by unregulated health providers such as massage therapy and other complementary or alternative medicine from those physiotherapy clinics may also continue as long as they are following the return to work plans for those professions. Physiotherapy assistants operating under the supervision of a Physiotherapist may continue to do so. 

Those physiotherapists who are self-employed and operating out of clinics owned by unregulated health professionals are permitted to continue to work out of the clinic site if the requirements of the physiotherapy reopening plan continue to be met.  

Clinics that use adjacent gym facilities for therapeutic exercise will need to consult with the owner/operator of the gym space.  Physiotherapy treatment is permitted, however where gyms have been closed due to the restrictions there may be limitations on access.

Patients who have travelled to HRM should not be denied access to health care.  Screening for presence at public exposure sites can be done as per Supplemental Directive #3 found at