Completed Qualifying Exam

I am a trained physiotherapist who has completed the Alliance credentialing and passed the written (QE) exam.
I am looking to be licensed in a Canadian Province.

There are two components to the licensure process in Nova Scotia: a multiple choice written exam (referred to as the qualifying exam or QE) and a practical –clinical evaluation- currently the Interim Competency Evaluation (ICE) in NS.

  • Once you have passed your QE (part1) component of the PCE then you may apply for a sponsored registration in Nova Scotia …. 

Refer to Flow Chart and  Document Checklist and Registration Guide

Registration information for the applicants who have completed the QE:

  • Graduate of a Canadian, or non Canadian, University Physiotherapy Degree Program
  • Completed the QE (written part 1) of the Physiotherapy National Exam (PCE) after November 17,2019 
  • Not currently registered and working in a Canadian province 
      And are
    • A Canadian citizen or are legally entitled to work in Canada.

Applicants who have passed the QE (Part 1) of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE),  may apply for a Sponsored license to practice in Nova Scotia. This is a time limited provisional registration and requires you to have a licensed, practicing physiotherapist as a Sponsor. The Sponsored registration is for a 12 month residency which then allows you to apply for next the Interim Competency Evaluation process (ICE). Successful completion of the ICE process is necessary for application for full practicing licensure in Nova Scotia and must be completed within 15 months of initial registration or the provisional license is revoked. 

Applicants for this provisional restricted license must work in a Supervised practice situation (Residency) for 12 months.  This requires the applicant to arrange for a sponsor with a minimum of two years practice experience and to provide the Registrar with the completed Sponsor Agreement Form prior to completion of registration. Sponsorship Guidelines  and report forms are located on the NSCP website under the Sponsored Practice. The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists, upon issuing the Provisional Sponsored License requires the member to apply for the first available ICE after 12 months. If the Resident fails their initial attempt at the ICE they must follow the committee recomendations regarding next attempt.Nova Scotia  allows only 2 attempts at a competency evaluation (incudes any previous failed attempts in any jurisdiction). Residents who do not pass ICE within two attempts will have their license revoked. Residents who pass ICE are eligible for full practicing registration/license in the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists upon submitting proof of successful completion to the Registrar.

In order to be granted a Practicing (Sponsored) License you must complete the Online Registration for licensure in the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (NSCP). Please review the Guidelines and the registration checklist and complete your Registration and submit the following documents:

  • A notarized copy of your physiotherapy diploma/degree   (or letter from convocating University in the interim)
  • A photocopy of your birth certificate / or passport id / or proof of immigrant status
  • Payment of current registration fee as appropriate in Canadian funds
  • Proof of current Professional Liability Insurance
  • Completed Sponsor Form 
  • passport size photograph (Not necessary if using passport id)
  • Updated Resume/Curriculum Vitae with a chronological listing of previous education & employment, including a description of your clinical and non-clinical experience
  • Answer no for PCE clincical Registration
  •  Background Check Documents (Vulnerable Sector Check for Canada and /or International Criminal record check if you have worked outside of Canada)

*PLEASE NOTE: The completion of the licensing process may take up to a maximum of 5 business days after the College receives all fees and documentation. If you are currently working in another jurisdiction under a provisional license, you would apply under Labour Mobility