Now Hiring: Practice Advisor, Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists

May 6, 2024

The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists invites applications for a part-time Practice Advisor. This key role focuses on enhancing the quality of physiotherapy practice through effective communication of standards, codes, and best practices to our members and the public. Reporting to the Registrar/Executive Director, responsibilities include collaborating directly with the Registrar and Deputy Registrar, leading initiatives for member education, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Physiotherapy, be eligible for licensure as a Physiotherapist in Nova Scotia, reside in the province, and have an intimate understanding of the local healthcare environment. They must also have over five years of experience in a related role, such as physiotherapy practice, health regulation, or professional association management, and demonstrate strong leadership and strategic planning skills. The successful candidate will contribute significantly to both the operational and strategic aspects of the College, ensuring our commitment to high-quality care and professional integrity. The ideal start time is June/July 2024.

Download detailed Job Description here

Download detailed Job Posting here.

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to by May 20, 2024.

Interim Competency Evaluation Application

The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists has developed an Interim Competency Evaluation process that will be utilized whenever a national clinical evaluation is unavailable for a period of 12 months or more. Application resources for the Interim Competency Evaluation process are listed below.  Click on the links to download. 

When, applying please complete all forms in the electronic format provided and submit completed applications via email with supporting documents to Only complete applications including all documents and complete application form will be accepted.

Sponsors and Employers/Managers must send their reports/letters directly to

Sponsor portal and member portal are not monitored for uploaded documents. Please email to inform NSCP if any documents have been uploaded via the portal.

Please complete all forms in the electronic format provided and submit completed applications via email with supporting documents to  Sponsors and Employers/Managers should send their reports/letters independently to the Registrar and include the name of the PT Resident applying. 

Resource  Description
For Applicants
Application Guide Detailed instructions for applicants (PDF)
Paying Fees Fee schedule is available here.  Contact for details on paying the fee. 
Application Form Application form in MSExcel.  
Competency Self Assessment  Self assessment practice review activity focused on the Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Canada
Self Reflection - Learning Needs Self-reflection assessment on process for identifying learning needs (MSWord)
Self Reflection - Patient Care Self-reflection on patient care experience to submit with chart notes (personal identifiers redacted) (MSWord)
Self Reflection - Professional Self-reflection on professional behaviours (MS Word)
For Sponsors 
Clinical Practice Report Guidelines   Guidelies for completing clinical practice reports
Final Sponsor Report 3-part report including Sponsor Questionairre, Feedback Form and Professional Behaviour Rubric (MSWord)
Chart Audit Tool  Checklist for chart audits
For Employers/Managers 
Directions for letter of support A support letter from the Manager (or Employer if there is no manager) in each of the applicant's practice sites must be provided.  The letter should include a statement regarding potential or realized professional or practice issues along with explanation and resolution.    


I sponsored a resident in the past year but I'm not currently their sponsor. Do they need me to complete the final sponsor report or is it just their current sponsor that completes that form?

In most cases the final report will only be required from the most recent sponsor, since the committee is most interested in current competency. There may be situations where multiple sponsors will need to complete the final report to ensure the committee has the right information to make their decision. If an applicant is unsure they can contact Joan Ross, Registrar at to confirm.

I work for NSH; what is the process for releasing the required chart notes to the committee?

NSH Privacy staff are aware of the Interim Competency Evaluation requirements. Applicants that are employed by NSH will need to email chart requests to with the following information:
  • Requesting Physiotherapy Resident's information:
    • Name
    • NSCP License number
  • Patient's information:
    • First and Last name
    • Health Card Number or Date of Birth (or both is great)
    • Location or Hospital Site where the visit happened
    • Date(s) of assessment, or date range.
    • Include details of records required (initial assessment to discharge and all relevant physiotherapy progress notes/supporting documents).
NSH Privacy office will redact the patient identifiers once they receive the records and will then provide them to the NSCP Registrar.

The estimated turnaround time for the request is approximately 3 weeks depending on workload.

How long will it take to receive a decision on my application through ICE?

The timelines in the ICE policy have been updated to ensure the committee is not impeded in its public protection/interest mandate and to allow for applicants to have realistic expectations of the length of time from submission to response. The policy no longer refers to a 20-business day response time from the time of receiving applications. This arbitrary timeline does not reflect the reality of the process nor the current situation in relation to the number of eligible applicants and anticipated applications. The Committee will move the applications forward as expediently as possible. Timelines for processing applications will be monitored and once reasonable estimates are available, they will be published. This will allow applicants to have realistic expectations of the length of time from submission to response.

Why is a letter from the manager/employer required? Does the Resident see that letter?

The letter of support is intended to provide opportunity for the manager/employer to report on whether or not there were any practice or behaviour issues that may have been reported and/or dealt with internally. The letter is sent directly to teh Registrar to be shared with teh Committee and the Resident does not see it.

Does a Sponsor have to complete and submit practice review forms after submitting the final evaluation report?

Until the committee has made a decision the applicant is still a resident. After submitting the final report the sponsor may pause on the reporting but must continue the sponsor/resident relationship until the committee has communicated a decision on the application.

Once I reach the 1200 hours can I take a break until the 6 months are up?

Practice is meant to be continuous work over a 6 month period to consolidate knowledge and skills. We say "6 month minimum" to acknowledge that there may be a break, such as a medical or parental leave, that may impact meeting all the criteria and that in certain circumstances the 6 month requirement may take longer to fulfil.

Has the eligibility criteria changed? I thought residency was for 12 months? Why change to 6 months?

In February 2023 the 12 month time requirement was decreased to 6 months. This was done based on a review of the applications submitted up to that point. After 6 months there was very little change in sponsor reports, with all observable competencies being noted as met within 6 months.

College Announces Decision Regarding Susan Humphreys

Susan Humphreys, Licence # 1220

On April 21, 2022, the Investigation Committee of the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists decided on an interim basis to impose restrictions on Susan Humphreys’ practice, pursuant to section 47(1) of the Physiotherapists Act, SNS 1998, c 22.  

Susan Humphreys’ licence is currently expired. In the event Susan Humphreys applies for renewal of her licence, the interim restrictions will apply. Further, the interim restrictions will remain in effect until they are lifted, superseded, or annulled by the Investigation Committee or the Hearing Committee, as the case may be.

Public Consultations

NSCP is seeking feedback on:

1.  The NSCP Board is proposing Administrative Regulations per section 6(2) of the Physiotherapy Act.  These are intended to update/replace the General Regulations currently in place.  The consultation is open November 10, 2023 - Decemeber 10, 2023. Please provide feedback via email.

NSCP keeps all feedback provided confidential.  Individuals names are not connected with specific feedback.  NSCP considers all feedback received , even if it is not included in the final outcome.

Alternative Credentialing Process - Oct 25, 2021

Posted October 25, 2021

Postponements and cancellation of the PCE clinical component due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant ambiguity for Nova Scotia Resident Physiotherapists on their next steps to fully entering the profession. This is not lost on the board and has and will continue to be a significant consideration as the NSCP continues to meet its public protection mandate.

As requested by the Board during the September 15th, 2021 Board meeting, NSCP staff provided a detailed proposal for an alternative pathway to full Licensure for some residents that wish to apply. The proposal was reviewed during the October 20, 2021 NSCP Board meeting and feedback was provided for staff to incorporate into the process.  The NSCP appreciates your continued patience as the alternative process is finalized, approved and resourced. In the interim the NSCP would like to share a few key points and timeframes.

  • Staff developed the proposal with input from the following stakeholders:

    • NS Department of Health and Wellness Staff

    • Active PT sponsors (2 video forum sessions with combined attendance of 12 plus 2 who could not attend but provided input via phone/email communication).

    • Dalhousie University

    • NSPA representatives

    • National Registrar Counterparts

    • Legal Counsel

  • The Board is confident that the final process will meet the criteria set during the September 15th Meeting

  • The process will be an interim measure for some of the affected candidates and be limited to the time that the national competency standard: clinical component is not available to residents. When a national competency standard: clinical component is available, the NSCP will support this standard requirement for full licensure.

  • The application process will be available to NS Residents who have met the requirements while licensed in Nova Scotia.  Residents who meet the minimum month and practice hours while licensed in another Jurisdiction will not qualify to apply until they have completed those requirements in Nova Scotia.

  • Current and all future applicants must be made aware of the risks of licensure without successful completion of the PCE with regards to labour mobility

  • Next Steps:

    • Draft and approval of interim policy (target early November 2021)

    • Development of detailed process requirements and anticipated timelines (target mid to Late November 2021)

    • Development of resources for credentialing committee and applicants (Target Nov/Dec 2021)

In the interest of allowing staff and volunteers to focus on finalizing, approving and resourcing the process as expeditiously as possible individual requests for further information/questions related to the process will be accepted and incorporated into future communications, however, we will not be able to respond on an individual basis.

Please note that all communication to staff, Board members and volunteers must be professional and made to appropriate parties through the appropriate channels. Individual Board members should not be contacted through social media or through personal channels, as that is not an appropriate nor professional means of correspondence. Correspondence related to processes, administration and communication matters should be directed to the appropriate staff member or to where it will be directed to the appropriate party. The Board of Directors speaks as one voice on College matters and when an individual Board member is contacted, they refer the matter to the larger body for discussion.

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