Cross Border Practice - FAQs

What is a Provisional Registration Certificate —Cross Border Practice?

This Registration Certificate is available to physiotherapists who currently practice in another Canadian province but who wish to provide care to patients in Nova Scotia, whether through tele-rehabilitation or in person.

Holders of this certificate may only provide care to Nova Scotia patients for the purpose of continuing to provide care for those whose physiotherapy began in another province and who would benefit from continued and time-limited service in Nova Scotia or where services are not available in Nova Scotia but would benefit patients.

What is tele-rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation is the provision of physiotherapy services which involves communication with a patient who is remotely located from the primary physiotherapist providing service. It can include videoconferencing, email, apps, web-based communication or wearable technology for example. The physiotherapist may or may not be present with the patient. All of the professional behaviours involved in the exchange of information are the same as if the patient is receiving in person services. In-person services are those physiotherapy services provided by a physiotherapist in direct face-toface contact with a person.

Tele-rehabilitation can be used to serve the public interest by delivering services not otherwise available without compromising quality of care or regulatory accountability. Services should always be provided in accordance with standards or any other applicable guidelines.

How do I apply to the College for a Provisional Registration Certificate —Cross Border Practice?

You can submit an application to the College if you currently hold a clinical Practice Registration certificate in another Canadian province or territory.

When does my Provisional Registration Certificate—Cross Border Practice expire?

The Provisional Registration Certificate is valid from the date that it is issued for either 3 months or until December 31 of each year. You can work in Nova Scotia as long as your Certificate is valid. The Provisional Registration is time limited depending on the purpose of the registration.

How much does it cost to apply for an Provisional Registration Certificate — Cross Border Practice?

There is no fee.

Do I need to submit my application in person?

You can submit your application by email, fax, mail or in person. If you have questions, please contact us at:

How long will it take to approve my application?

Our processing time for all applications is five business days. This includes a review of the application to ensure you meet all the requirements. This part of the review could take longer if your application is incomplete. Also, if there are concerns about your application, you may be referred to the Registration Committee for another review. This process can take up to 20 days. In fairness to all applicants, there is no fast track or expedited application process.

Note: An incomplete application will delay the processing times.

Which rules and standards do I need to follow?

When providing patient care in Nova Scotia you will need to follow the laws, regulations, standards for physiotherapists in Nova Scotia.

Do I have to participate in the College’s Quality Practice program including CE, peer assessment and portfolio reviews?

No. You will need to meet the registration and ongoing professional development requirements in your home province.

What happens if a patient has a complaint about the care I have provided?

If this happens the patient will be able to decide if they wish to file their compliant in Nova Scotia or in your home province. It is possible that both jurisdictions will investigate the compliant. If this occurs the Colleges in both provinces will work together on the investigation.

How will I be paid for the services that I provide?

You will need to contact the payor/funding sources to find out about reimbursement for the care that you provide.

I am no longer registered with the College or regulatory body in my home province, can I keep my Provisional Registration Certificate in Nova Scotia?

No. You will need to advise the College if you are no longer hold a current Registration Certificate in your home province/territory. At that point, you will no longer be able to deliver patient care in Nova Scotia under the Provisional Registration Certificate. You can choose to apply for a Practice Registration Certificate at that time.