Accepted CE

Continuing education plays an important role in ensuring ongoing competency.  The NSCP requires that Physiotherapists complete 200 hours of continuing education (CE) in a 5-year period.  This is a requirement that must be met every renewal period.  Entries are audited every 5 years during the portfolio audit process.  If 200 CE hours are not logged at the time of audit and this is the only element incomplete the audit will be marked as complete, however the 200 hours will need to be logged prior to the renewal period.  In the event the 200 CE hour requirement is not met prior to any renewal period a plan must be submitted to the Registrar for approval.  The plan must detail how the CE requirement will be met prior to the next renewal period.  If the plan is not completed (CE hours have been caught up by the next renewal period) then the registrant will be ineligible for renewal until they have logged 200 CE.  All CE hours must be logged in the online member portal to count towards the 200 hour requirement.  Follow this link for instructions on entering CE in the member portal.  Continuing education should be relevant to the Phyiotherapist's current area of practice or relate to an identified area of developing interest.  Continuing education can be done through formal and informal activities.

Good questions to ask are:

  • What is the quality of evidence supporting what's being learned? 

  • Does this apply to my practice currently or future ambitions?  

Here are some examples of accepted learning activities and tips on recording them properly (a good rule of thumb is to include proof of completion and/or enough information that an auditor could confirm the entry if needed):

Learning Activity  Notes Required Documentation 
Taking Post-graduate courses   include adequate information - location, presenter, date and/or upload your certificate to the CE entry
Attending in-services, courses, seminars and conferences   include adequate information - location, presenter, date and/or upload your certificate to the CE entry
Undertaking research and presenting research results   Record names, dates and titles of articles/bibliography.  Include location, event, date of presentation
Providing one to one mentorship of a peer or internationally educated PT  max 60 hr/yr include mentee's name and timeframe the mentorship occurred over
Preceptor of a Physiotherapy student max 60 hr/yr include student's name and timeframe of the residency, count only direct time spent
Engaging in independent study  * record names, dates and titles of articles 
Teaching or presenting physiotherapy related topics to colleagues, or to the public   record dates, topics, location
Reading journals and research papers   * record names, dates and titles of articles 

*To save time take a picture or scan of the front page and upload it to directly to the CE entry