Paying Facility Renewal fee

In August registrants identified as the primary contact for their private practice facility (or registered as an independent contractor) will receive a notification that they must renew their permit.  To fulfill this requirement the registrant must complete the following steps. It is important to complete all the steps to ensure your records with the College are accurate and that the billing to you is accurate:

1.  Login to member profile through and navigate to My Businesses --> Annual Fees 

Facility Fees 1

2.  This will take you to a list of all the facilities linked to your profile with an outstanding bill.  Review these to ensure that:

a)  All of your clinics are present in the list

b)  No clinics that are not yours are in the list

c)  All relevant address and contact information is correct for all clinics.

d)  The correct owners are associated with the clinics

 3.  Any discrepancies in address or contact information should be updated through your member portal.  Any other discrepancies must be communicated to the Executive Director (email:

4.  Generate invoice(s) by seleting the tic box for all clinics that you are going to pay the bill for.  Select create invoice.  This will generate an invoice you can then proceed to pay by navigating to the invoice.

5.  Unpaid invoices and reciepts can be found under My Businesses--> Invoices & Receipts.  Select the payment type and submit.  Paying online via credit card will change the status to paid.  Selecting another method (etransfer or cheque) will change the status to Pending until the payment has been received and processed.