The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists is a self-regulating body, and as such, has the responsibility to investigate all concerns/complaints it receives regarding the practice of physiotherapy in this province.

The College is not, however, a court of law.

Complaints can be brought forward to the College by

  • Members of the public
  • Employers
  • College members

The College requests that all complaints be received in written form and include a signed consent form. You can download the Complaint forms or have one mailed to you by contacting the College office at:

Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists
PO Box 5082
Waverley, NS B2R 1S2

Or send via Email

Once the College has received the complaint you will be contacted by a member of the Complaint Investigation Committee (CIC) who may request clarification and/or further information pertaining to your complaint.

The Investigation

The Complaint Investigation Committee is appointed by the Board and consists of at least 2 current or former College Board members and one public member as described in S.N.S.1998, c.22, s.46.

The CIC collects the pertinent information and forwards the member a copy of the complaint. The committee will conduct a thorough investigation and may require the member to produce records and accounts, submit to an inspection or practice audit or submit to such other examination as they feel appropriate. Failure by a member to comply with the requests of the committee could result in suspension of Licensure.

The Resolution

Once the complaint has been processed, the information obtained and the investigation completed, the CIC will review the evidence and consider the resolution.

The Complaint Investigation Committee has the power to dispose of the complaint through dismissal, informal resolution, mediation, counseling the member, cautioning the member and, with consent, reprimanding the member or requiring them to undergo treatment or re-education. They may also refer the matter in whole or in part to the Hearing Committee.

The Hearing Process

Should the complaint not be resolved at the CIC as outlined above, the committee may refer the matter to the Hearing Committee.

At a hearing the member is entitled to be represented by counsel, know all of the evidence being presented, present evidence and cross examine the witness(es).

The Hearing Committee shall determine whether or not the member is guilty of the charges and may revoke the license and registration of the member, suspend the license for a period of time, place restrictions /limitations/conditions on the license, reprimand the member, recommend treatment/re-education, and/or impose a fine. The decisions of the Hearing Committee are filed at the College office and published.

The Appeal

The physiotherapist against whom a complaint has been lodged may file an appeal with the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal on any point of law in the findings of the Hearing Committee