Mentorship and Sponsoring a Resident


Mentorship and Sponsoring a Resident

Mentorship - a relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger but will have more expertise in  a certain area. Mentoring is a learning and development partnership and a process that involves communication and knowledge transmission.

The NSCP refers to the mentor as a SPONSOR and the one being mentored as the RESIDENT. The role of the Sponsor is to help the resident become a safe, effective,and professional, physiotherapy service provider.

The role of the Sponsor is to help the Resident identify areas of less exposure in their clinical experience and to help put in place a practice plan that will help strengthen their basic practice and communication skills as a professional physiotherapist. The sponsor is also an evaluator and as such considers the ongoing proficiency in application and consolidation of knowlwedge and skills.The time for additional training and courses will come later, once they are competent and comfortable with the basic entry level skills. This consolidation of basic knowledge and skills is crucial for a smooth transition and entry into fully licensed professional practice.

We require onsite 1:1 direct, supervision for a minimum of the first two weeks. For further details  refer to the Sponsored Practice Guideline and Forms
and the Sponsor Agreement. 

Douments for download:  

Sponsored Practice Guideline and Forms

Sponsor Agreement

Clinical Practice Review Guideline 2023

Practice Review Report Form

Practice Review Reporting Timelines 2023

Competency Self Assessment

Chart Audit Form