Quality Practice Program

QPP - Overview

The Quality Practice Program(QPP) is an essential activity under the NSCP Core Business activity  - Quality Assurance - and has been designed to assure that licensed physiotherapists continue to practice competently throughout their professional career.   The QPP is informed by the competency profile as defined by the National Physiotherapy Advisory Group (NPAG).  The competency profile sets out the essential competencies and entry to practice milestones under 7 Domains: 

1. Physiotherapy Expertise

2. Communication

3. Collaboration

4. Management

5. Leadership

6. Scholarship

7. Professionalism

***Please note that the competency profile document must be reviewed during the learning objectives phase of the portfolio audit.***

QPP Components

The QPP has 3 components each completed on different timelines (Registration/Renewal, Portfolio Audit, and Onsite audit) and each has specific requirements detailed below. 

Registration/ Renewal

Completed during initial application process(Initial Registration) and Renewal (annually – November).


  1. Proof of liability insurance
  2. Good Character testament
  3. Evidence of continuing competency as required (1200 practice hours and 200 CE hours in previous 5 years)
  4. Jurisprudence knowledge test

Portfolio Audit

Completed every 5 years – January 1 – April 30.

All registered Physiotherapists in Nova Scotia are required to participate in the portfolio audit process every 5 years. This means that all registrants who have practiced for at least 5 years and have not completed an audit (formerly called a review) in the last 5 years are required to complete the audit process.

Exceptions: If you have recently changed or requested a change to your status to Non-Practicing (Leave of Absence) NP(LOA) you may elect to postpone your audit until the following year. If you have another significant reason to postpone, please respond to the automated email reminder or contact us to seek permission to postpone.


a.       Current Resume/CV

b.       Current Job Description

c.       Current Vulnerable Sectors Check (includes Criminal Record Check) - Download letter stating requirement for VSC.

d.       Any other relevant professional documents

e.       Last 5 years of CE records (logged into the member portal)

f.        Self assessment Journals

                                                               i.      Patient care self assessment tool (or alternative for non-clinical roles)

                                                             ii.      Learning Experience Form

                                                           iii.      Professional Self-Assessment Report

g.       Set Learning objectives

                                                               i.      3-5 logged in the past 5 years (may be logged the year the Audit is due)

                                                             ii.      2 objectives must be related to an essential competency under one of the seven domains described in the NPAG competency profile

                                                           iii.      All learning objectives should be derived from the self-reflection process completed in (f)

Portfolio Audit Instructions

Onsite Audit

Completed on 5 year cycles not necessarily aligned with portfolio audit.

***NOTE - Onsite audit process is currently under review***