Setting Learning Goals

Learning Goals should be set and updated regularly.  Ideally the learning objectives should be entered after completing the self reflection journals, however, this is not a requirement.  

The minimum requirement for learning goals is 3, however, it is recommended to set 3-5.  Two of the learning goals must be directly related to an essential competency under one of the seven domains described in the NPAG competency profile

Essential competencies are organized into seven domains:

  • Physiotherapy Expertise

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Management

  • Leadership

  • Scholarship

  • Professionalism

To see the essential compentencies in each domain download the NPAG competency profile

To set learning goals login to your member profile and select "View My Portfolio"

Select Learning Goals:

Enter a Learning Goal:

1 - use the drop down menu to select a domain (or leave as N/A if the learning goal is not related to the competency profile).

2 - the specific milestones will be accessible for the domain you have selected in the dropdown menu.  Select the essential competency.

3 - Add details to your goal.  Be specific.  Set your due date.  (you can come back later to include the completion date).

4 - You can choose to associate the goal with a Learning Experience Journal or CE entry by checking the box.  When the box is checked a list of your Learning Experience Journals (or CE) will appear and you can select the ones that apply. 

5 - Select "Save Activity" at any time to save your entry.

Saved goals are automatically timed stamped when they are created and can be viewed, edited (pencil icon), or deleted (trash icon) from the list.  

Your progress bar is at the top: