Interim Competency Evaluation Process update - Dec 3, 2021

Posted Dec 3, 2021

NSCP has committed to providing an alternative credentialing process to be in effect while the PCE clinical component is not available.  The target was to have an interim policy approved in early November with more details on timelines provided in late November.  Your patience is appreciated as we worked through the policy development and planning for implementation of the interim process.  The policy development phase was extended to review the policy in context with emerging information from other jurisdictions, but has now been completed.

The approved Interim Competency Evaluation Policy is now available for download here.  The policy describes the overall process and requirements.  There are still resources to develop and they will be made available when completed.

Following is a summary of high level key activities and tentative target timelines.  Timelines will be adjusted as required and communicated when changes (increased specificity on anticipated dates, delays or early completion of milestones) are indentified.  

Activity  Target Completion Date 
Recruit/Appoint Credential Committee Jan/Feb 2022
Create/Compile Resources (for Applicants, Sponsors, and Committee Members)  Jan/Feb 2022
Create Training for Committee members  Feb 2022
Deliver CommitteeTraining  Feb/March 2022
Committee Begins Reviewing Applications  March 2022

Credentials Committee 

The Credentials Committee will be comprised of a minimum of 3 members, as follows:

  • 1 public member;

  • 1 registered Physiotherapist that meets the criteria as a sponsor. Sponsors will not review applications for their own residents (current or past); and

  • 1 Physiotherapist who is a former or current member of the Board.

The intent is to recruit enough members to have 2 committees operating concurrently to minimize delays once applications are received. 

If you would like further information on the appointment process when it is available email expressing which role you are interested in.

In the interest of allowing staff to focus on the implementation individual requests for further information/questions related to the process will be accepted and incorporated into future communications, however, we will not be able to respond on an individual basis.