Call for Nominations - May 6, 2021


At the recent AGM we failed to fill the third vacancy on the Board of Directors. Pursuant to the Physiotherapy Act, SNS 1998, c. 22, s. 13 (1), the Registrar is required to cause an election to be held within sixty days for the purpose of filling the vacancy.

We are seeking nominations for the position of Director, NS College Board of Directors. The term of office is two years and is renewable twice to a maximum of three terms. The ideal candidate will be a practicing physiotherapist from outside of HRM.

If you are interested in improving Physiotherapy service in the interest of the public, advocating on behalf of the public and establishing best practices then this is where you need to get involved.

Nominations forms and all the information you need are found here  All nominations must be received no later than June 2nd, 2021.

If an election is required (2 or more nominees) it will take place through our online member profile from Jun 8th-15th, 2021.  Details on the election process will be provide after the nomination deadline.


Joan Ross, PT


NS College of Physiotherapists