CPA Supporting PCE Candidates: Physiotherapy Competency Exam Space Exchange

The first edition of the virtual version of the clinical component of the PCE is being delivered Sunday, March 21 - Monday, March 22, 2021 for candidates who have been waiting for the exam. The virtual exam has a number of space requirements which student, new grad, intern, and resident physiotherapists may not have access to. In order to ensure candidates have access to the required space the CPA (Canadian Physiotherapy Association) has created a Facebook group to facilitate a voluntary space exchange between CPA members and exam candidates.  CPA considers this a public Facebook page and therefore is not just limited to their members.

How It Works


Members who have access to treatment rooms in their clinics, or empty office space, alongside the furniture and internet requirements outlined by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) can post their location and offer to lend their space to students who do not have the required space for the exam.

Candidates for the March exam who require accommodation for space can post their location and the time and date of their exam to let CPA members know where space is needed.

For more information on the space requirements for the virtual clinical component of the PCE, please visit these links from the CAPR.*

2021 Clinical Component Preparatory Module 1 – “Preparing the Physical Environment” and “Supplement to Module 1”

2021 Clinical Component FAQs

Here is a link to the page:

*Please note that neither NSCP, nor CAPR, nor CPA have vetted the clinic spaces on offer on the Space Exchange page and it is up to the candidate to determine the acceptability of any space they choose based on the requirements posted on the CAPR website.