Request for Examiners for the National Clinical Exam

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators is looking for examiners at the Halifax site for the November PCE exam. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • fully registered as a physiotherapist and in good standing with your home province/territory
  • are not required to do the Physiotherapy Competency Examination in the future. Physiotherapists who have graduated since December 31, 1993 and have not successfully completed the competency examination, might be required to complete the examination if they move to another province. Such physiotherapists are not eligible to be examiners, as they would have an unfair advantage should they need to complete the examination.
  • have completed a minimum one-year waiting period since graduation. The waiting period serves two purposes. The first is to allow the newly registered to gain some clinical experience. The second is to avoid having examiners evaluating recent classmates.
  • have no conflict of interest with a candidate
  • have experience in:
    • one or more areas of clinical expertise such as acute care, long term care, community care or private practice
    • direct client care or educational settings


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Click here to download the application form.