College Announcement Regarding Jo-Ann Graham Spillett

Jo-Ann Graham Spillett, Licence # 655


On July 14, 2023, the Investigation Committee of the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (“NSCP”) accepted a Permanent Retirement Agreement proposed by Jo-Ann Graham Spillett and NSCP in order to informally resolve a complaint pursuant to section 46(13)(b) of the Physiotherapy Act.

Pursuant to the terms of the Permanent Retirement Agreement, Ms. Graham Spillett permanently and irrevocably retired from the Register of Physiotherapists. Accordingly, Ms. Graham Spillett is not entitled to practise physiotherapy or hold herself out as a physiotherapist in Nova Scotia.

Facts leading to the complaint

Ms. Graham Spillett engaged in the following conduct despite her licence to practise physiotherapy being suspended or revoked: engaged in the practice of physiotherapy – contrary to section 32(2)(a) of the Physiotherapy Act;

▪ held herself out as entitled to practise as a physiotherapist – contrary to section 34(1)(b) Physiotherapy Act;

▪ used the title of “physiotherapist” – contrary to section 34(1)(c) Physiotherapy Act; and

▪ billed insurance companies for physiotherapy services – contrary to section 34(2)(c) Physiotherapy Act.

Ms. Graham Spillett also failed to cooperate with the Investigation Committee during its investigation into her conduct.

Ms. Graham Spillett advised NSCP that from 2019 to early 2022, she had excessive personal stress and a visual dysfunction, which was not diagnosed or treated until 2022. Ms. Graham Spillett further advised NSCP that this impacted her ability to perform administrative tasks and run her clinic. With diagnosis and treatment, Ms. Graham Spillett advised that she has made significant recovery in 2023.


In order to resolve the complaint, the Investigation Committee informally resolved the complaint by accepting the Permanent Retirement Agreement. The Investigation Committee is satisfiedthat by retiring and undertaking not to reapply in any jurisdiction, the integrity of the physiotherapy profession is upheld and the public protected.